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The Multifunctional Optical Materials Group of the Institute of Materials Science of Seville is devoted to the development of new photonic structures in which several other functionalities are combined. Materials design, preparation, and characterization, as well as device integration, are all performed within the group to yield a full approach to the problems addressed and give rise to creative solutions. The group comprises a team of materials chemists and physicists that cover all different aspects involved, ranging from the synthesis of nanomaterials to the simulation of the electro-optical performance of devices.

Some of the main recent achievements of the group have been the integration of the first porous Bragg mirrors in dye sensitized solar cells to boost their efficiency while preserving their transparency [1] [2], the development of highly efficient flexible mirrors for selective UV-Vis-NIR radiation shielding or filtering [3], the development of the technique of specular reflectance porosimetry (SRP) [4] to characterize by simple optical means the pore size distribution of any mesostructured thin film deposited on an arbitrary susbtrate, or the observation of control over the optical absorption [5] [6] and emission [7] of different types of nanomaterials, which we were able to integrate into a photonic structure for the first time.

The group is funded under both national and international programs, and has strong links to industrial partners through R&D contracts. Its principal investigator, Dr. Hernán Míguez, was recently awarded with the prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant, for the development of the project ‘Polymer Inorganic Flexible Nanostructured Films for the Control of Light – POLIGHT’. Our group also supported and co-prepared successful proposals for the Marie Curie International Fellowships (IIF) program (2013) and has also strong links to technology based companies that have developed products based on the patented research results of our group (Abengoa Solar NTNanologica ABExeger).

El Grupo MOM en la Feria de la Ciencia 2019

El grupo MOM en la Feria de la Ciencia 2019


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